July 17-Our Last Day in Madrid

Susanne and I are very excited to be heading to new places, but I’m skeptical it can get any better than Madrid. I haven’t traveled all that much but Madrid is a rival for my favorite city! We have adjusted to the spanish pace of life, often eating lunch at around 4pm and dinner after 10pm.

Last night we went to the Joy Esclava Club, a gigantic house/techno-y type club. There were some awesome posters.

Velazquez painting incorporated into a Coca-Cola advertisement

I would absolutely trust Bogart to run our country!

The club helped us master the spanish sentence, “lo siento, solamente quiero bailar con mi amiga.” All of the music was American and everyone got really excited when a Red Hot Chili Peppers remix started playing. ewww….

Race car themed go-go girl in a martini glass

We had a lot of fun and left after 3am, though the club was just getting started.

This afternoon we headed to the Reina Sofia, known for it’s collection of modern art and specially for housing Picasso’s Guernica. The museum is FREE on Saturday and Sunday from 2:30-9! Sweeeet. This place is freakin’ unbelievable. The collection is amazing–I had goosebumps throughout the majority of the second floor.

I found the Spanish Civil War and World War II paintings and photography particularly moving.

There was also an amazing collection of propaganda posters promoting the Republican resistance to Franco’s coup d’etat and later posters promoting the new fascist government.

The Reina Sofia boasts a truly fantastic collection from modern artists…Dali, Picasso, and Miró, Magritte, etc.

We went back to Vida la Vida for vegan seitan and mushroom paella.

Tonight, we are going to check out one more restaurant and a enjoy a relaxing night on a terrace somewhere. Then it’s a train to Granada veryvery early!


July 17, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. katharine replied:

    I love your blog! Your trip sounds awesome!
    And “lo siento, solamente quiero bailar con mi amiga” always comes in handy!

  2. Ryan replied:


  3. Jessica replied:

    yummm vegan paella. i have only had it once when my mom made it for me about 6 years ago. so good! enjoy!

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