July 17

We had such a yummy lunch yesterday at El Resturante Vegetariano. First course was another creamy gazpacho soup. Seems to be the gold standard for Spain and I understand why! I had a bite of Stephanie’s on the first day and will be ordering it from now on. We also had the most delicious savory crepes, not something I expected in Spain. They had mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes. It was refreshing to have a tasty vegan meal where the restaurant didn’t feel the need to add any kind of mock meat. Sometimes it’s just not needed!

Our savory crepes

Apple dessert

We were so excited to find The Vegan Store! The woman running it was so cute and really happy to meet vegans from the U.S. There were many interesting products in the store that we’d never seen! I bought a variety of interesting pâtés, some cute cookies, and a sauce with seitan. If we had a microwave we would have bought the ravioli pictured below. We were totally floored to find a whole vegan cheesecake in the freezer section, wish we could have bought a case of them home! When we left the woman at the counter gave us each ice cream cones for free. Wish I could show you a picture but it’s on my camera and technical issues are preventing. They were the prepackaged nutty buddy type but with a cheesecake flavor, soooooo good!!! Vegan ice cream makers in the U.S., listen up: we want prepackaged cones!

I adore the architecture here in Spain. I’ve done a lot of traveling in Europe in the past and this is by far one of the prettiest countries I’ve visited so far. Every time I walk out of our hotel, my jaw drops. The horse statue in the photo below is on top of a very tall building. No clue how they every got it up there so many years ago!

There are many interesting manholes in Madrid and my partner Nick has been collecting photos of them lately. Here’s a couple for you Nick! We saw an awesome one with a Madrid bear as well, I’ll have to get a picture of that up soon…:

We’re staying in such a vibrant area of Madrid and there are constantly things going on in the streets at all hours of the night. This city truly never sleeps. I mentioned to Stephanie that it’s funny to see little children playing in front of cafes at midnight and babies being pushed for a stroll at 2 a.m. Last night we saw a religious procession with a statue of a saint being danced in the streets for hours. There are also numerous street performers, many get very creative as you can see below. The living statue below seemed to be developing arm pain from holding her pose for so long, ouch!


July 17, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. nick replied:

    thanks for the manholes! so much more exciting than cheesecake. d(^_^)b

  2. Jessica replied:

    yummmm! i expect a prezzie when you return =)

  3. nick replied:

    btw, while shopping for fruit at haymarket on saturday, two living statues showed up to shop as well. i think they just got off from performing. it was fun to see the silver statue and white statue women casually walking around and buying fruit!

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