July 18-Adios Madrid!

Last night in Madrid, so sad to leave, I never dreamed that I would fall in love with this city! Madrid seems like such a livable place: friendly laid back people, good vegan food, fabulous fashion, and everything is so walkable. We only took the subway one time during our entire visit (to the fashion museum). For our last meal here we went out of the way a bit to Isla Del Tesoro, a charming upscale looking vegetarian restaurant (but with reasonable prices). The food was an international fushion with flavors highlighted from Spain, the Middle East, and Asia. We shared a yummy salad consisting of various veggies mixed with bulgar. I ordered the sweet potato noodle coconut curry dish pictured below and Stephanie got a dish with marinated soy medalians. By far our favorite food from the restaurant was a garbanzo bean dip with a soy cream on top, yummy!

I was craving one last homemade vegan sundae from Yerba Buena so I convinced Stephanie to go back after our dinner. Boy was I in for a shock when it arrived, no chocolate!!! Anyone who knows me knows its hard for me to order ice cream that’s not chocolate. Its seems there is a flavor of the day that we didn’t know about. Anyway, I ended up eating a cardimum ice cream sundae, yikes! It was so spicy, but at least I tried something I never would have ordered in my life! I also had my first sangria and Stephanie was right, so good.

Some last manhole images from Madrid for Nick. The middle one is hard to see in the photo but it has the Madrid bear!


July 18, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. katharine replied:

    Susanne, you’re so good at fashion accessories that your dress goes not only the restaurant wall paint, but also the placemat and the glass of red wine!

  2. Jessica replied:

    Sangria is the best!!! Glad Stephanie got you into it.

  3. nick replied:

    manhoru! \o/

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