July 18-Spanish Bombs, In Granada, Oh Mi Corazon

Spanish bombs!

In Granada! Susanne and I arrived in Granada yesterday. We wanted to go for lunch, and the town seemed closed down because it was Sunday. Compared to bustling Madrid, Granada seemed like a ghost town!

We went to the amazing El Piano, an all vegan take-away restaurant with a small market run by british women. You can pick 4 entrees for under 4 Euro. They have a lot of international food–Chinese, Indian, etc but they also have things like veggie burgers, potato salad, black beans…

and, and, and….check out this dessert case! all vegan!

After taking a little siesta, we went wandering again. We found the active side of town (Granada is definitely NOT a ghost town!) and stumbled upon an amazing gelateria with a lot of interesting fruit sorbettos. Traditional flavors like strawberry but also banana and papaya and watermellon. We got super excited for the dark chocolate, which was vegan! Gelateria Artiginale in Plaza Trinidad.

We ate dinner at a small restaurant outside our hotel and had salads and gazpacho. We wandered the main street of Granada and looked in the Moroccan stores and admired Granada’s architecture.

We went to an amaaaaaazing flamenco show in a tiny bar with a smoky downstairs cave looking area. The bar was called Le Chien Andalou and had images from the Dali and Bunel film, Un Chien Andalou.

and I loved their poster for the restaurant–look at the fat, drunken dog:

The music and dancing was amazing. The show was 5 Euro…cheaper than a movie! We are both officially in love with flamenco! The place was full of both locals and tourists from varrying countries. Being able to stare the preformers straight in the eye provided an amazing experience.


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  1. Jessica replied:

    Glad you ladies are still having fun! Looks amazing, xo

  2. Susan Bain replied:

    Vegan ice cream cones!!! Did you make people jealous? ; – )You both look like you are having a great time.

    • stephanie replied:

      i have an ice cream, and you can´t have one ´cause you´re on the welfare….

      except spainish welfare is really good so you probably can get an ice cream.

  3. grandpa,grandma replied:

    looks to me you are having way to much fun, all i can say is i wish we were with you, all that goog food, like your mom said,i want an ice cream also, enjoy honey, the world is yours, LOVE, GP<and GM.

  4. katharine replied:

    what an adorable photo of the two of your travelin’ gals at the top!

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