July 21- Adios Granada

Susanne and I spent the rest of our short stay in Granada wandering about, looking at interesting jewelry stores (there is a lot of interesting Moroccan inspired jewelry and clothing in the area), and eating more boats from El Piano.

El Piano has new, interesting entrees every day. Some of my favorites were the chili, the moussaka, the tacos, and the tomato caprese salad.

We also went to another vegetarian restaurant, Racies. The restaurant is a sit down place only a few minutes over the river from the city center. They do not have an English menu but their menu has pictures and everything that is vegan is clearly marked.

In Granada, there is an awesome ancient arab themed bath house –so you can live the life of moorish kings! Susanne and I loved it. The baths were a nice change of pace from the constant walking.

Some views from beautiful Granada:

Hola Valencia!

We took the overnight train to Valencia. Not as much fun as sleep trains looked in Some Like it Hot (we saw zero people in drag and I forgot to bring a ukulele) but not too bad either. I kinda enjoyed the rocking of the train. Susanne, on the other hand, got almost no sleep. :\

Today we’ll see what Valencia has in store!


July 21, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Ryan replied:

    No ukulele?! That tears it!

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