Views From The Alhambra

One of the main tourist attractions in Granada is The Alhambra, a mid 14th century palace built by the Moorish rulers of the time. Going to the Alhambra in July is a little like going to Disney World in July–it is crazy hot and there are a ton of people with fanny packs. Still, the Alhambra is quite a spectacle and an interesting learning experience. I had a vague to good understanding of Spain’s history from the 1930’s onward . I have been reading more and more about ancient to medieval to18th century history of Spain (truthfully, my history is coming from a mix of Wikipedia, Lonely Planet, and from reading The Alhambra For Children in the bookstore. The latter I found quite informative, by the way) Being able to view the artifacts of Spain’s history while visiting the country is an amazing experience.

Enjoy some incredible views of the Alhambra!


July 21, 2010. Uncategorized.

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