July 22-Valencia

After arriving in Valencia yesterday, Stephanie and I had an all macro vegan lunch at Kimpira. Such a well balanced meal with a soup, veggies, rice, and tofu. Of course I had to order the chocolate pie for dessert.

We also visited the Modern Art Museum. The highlight was the amazing sculpture outside. It turned out there were only two galleries open but for an admission fee of only 2 euros, it was worth it!

Valencia is beautiful but boy is is easy to get lost. I’m find this town to be the most confusing so far. Every street feels like a back alley leading into another. Thankfully we took a two hour walking tour and were able to see so much of the city and hear a great deal of interesting history.

Views from our walking tour:

We had a yummy dinner at Las Tastaolletes, a cute restaurant with all the vegan options clearly marked. We shared a pate appetizer and ordered separate entrees. Mine was a delicious lasagna made with a curry sauce and the most amazing vegan cheese, it was so stringy and good. If they marketed it in the U.S., Daiya would have some competition! Stephanie got a salad with chocolate vinaigrette dressing. I told her if all salads had chocolate on them, I’d eat a lot more raw veggies!

Today we spent time in the sun on the beach. So hot but so nice to finally see the ocean! I played paparazzi a bit on a few interesting Spaniards but you’ll have to wait for those photos if you know me personally! 🙂

La Playa Malvarrosa


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  1. ¡Luego España! « ¡No Jamón, Por Favor! replied:

    […] of my all time favorite restaurants was Kimpira in Valencia and Juicy Jones in Barcelona. One of Susanne’s all time favorites was Yerba Buena […]

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