July 24-Super Exciting Food in Barcelona!


Once Susanne and I arrived in Barcelona, we checked into our hotel which doubles as student accommodation.We think it is funny because our room is exactly like a dorm. We quickly headed out for lunch as it was nearing 4 PM and many restaurants in Spain close from 4-9. We wandered back up and down C/ Roger de Flor but eventually found our destination! Acro Iris is super convenient for its location right near the Sagarada Familia and not to far away from Casa Mila (two Gaudi staples). Acro Iris is run by an incredibly cute Catalan man, who gave us looks when we told him we were veganos, but he accommodated us and the food was great! We got the set plato de dia for 9 euro which included gazpacho, a potato entree, a delicious fava bean dish and he gave us a ton of fresh fruit for dessert.

After lunch and the a visit to the Sagrada Familia, we went back to our room to siesta. Later we ventured out to an all vegan bar, Cat Bar (actually they have cow’s milk for coffee but otherwise it is vegan…) It was so awesome!  It is British run, and plays old punk, indie, etc, is decorated with records and cat themed art, and has artists sitting about looking through each other’s portfolios. Oh, and cava for 1 euro AND the owner gave us two glasses for free! Of course, Susanne and I find British pub food on our first day in Barcelona. And, of course I insist on ordering sparkling wine in a pub.

Beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, and sausage on toast.

Burgers and chips!

Is that a Clockwork Orange cat? Yes, yes it is.

Tips to feed the Cat. Very compelling.

After walking around the beautiful Cathedral Barri Gothic, Susanne thought we should check out a particular street. On our walk back down the street she found…wait…what could it be?….VEGAN GELATO! YES!!!! AMAZING. We weren’t hungry at alllll but we had to indulge! So we split a small chocolate and coffee flavor. Gelaaati! had 4 vegan gelato flavors and about 6 flavors of sorbetto and 3 flavors of granita (the mojito flavor looked really great). It’s as if Susanne has a 6th sense for detecting vegan ice cream. I think she can make a career of it.

Beautiful Barri Gothic

gelaaati! Calle Llibreteria 7 (near Cathedral Barri Gothic and Jaume 1 metro)

What a day!


July 24, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Jessica replied:

    so awesome, i have never had vegan gelato!

  2. Jessica replied:

    vegan british breakfast? omg! how amazing. i was in england 10 years ago when i decided to go vegan so i ate a british breakfast with tons of eggs for 10 days straight while we were there so i would get sick of eggs and never eat them again!

    clockwork orange kitten! omg! ❤

  3. Ryan replied:

    I love the pic of the Barri Gothic horse!

  4. Ryan replied:

    Clockwork Orange cat!

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