July 24- Love, love, loving Barcelona!

Susanne and I got an early start this morning. We were out the door at 11 am! Aside from times we absolutely had to make a train, I think this is our record!

We went to see more Gaudi architecture. We saw the beautiful, but horrendously overcrowded Park Guell. Let me tell you, the tourists are all over that famous lizard. We then went to the Casa Mila (pedrea), a beautiful apartment building where people actually live. I can’t decide whether living in Casa Mila would be awesome or unbearable due to the hoards of people.

The highlight of our day–lunch! We went to Gopal, an all vegan take away shop with a small store. After changing my battery yesterday, my camera died on me. !Que terrible! We got a few pictures, but didn’t take pictures of our delicious sandwiches. Susanne got a chicken seitan cheeseburger and I got a chicken sandwich with avocado. AND we got an amazing chocolate cake! The chocolate cake’s middle layer was a chocolate frosting with crispy crumbled crepes. You heard me. And a chocolate raspberry frosting on top. ohmygod. Susanne says Gopal’s chocolate cake is her favorite chocolate cake that she has ever had. We got to meet the baker, Tony, and while we gushed over his genius, we found out he had visited the US and tried Vegan Treats and Sticky Fingers baked goods.

mini cheesecakes, custard tarts, and lemon meringue

so many burgers, so little time….

yep, i found it. vegan chorizo, ham, chicken, cheeses….

The place was filled with a bunch of activists from Igualdad Animal, an animal rights group in Barcelona. They were getting lunch after their weekly demonstration. It was so fun to see such a lively group of activists from another country.

Who doesn’t want to be free?

Gopal is by far our favorite restaurant we have been to in Spain. The food and the people made Gopal unforgettable.

After all the excitement, we headed for our roof deck pool and then a siesta.

and then more excitement…. Susanne’s sister, Christine, whom we thought would be in Italy, sent Susanne an e-mail saying she would be in Barcelona for 24 hours. We met up with Christine at her swanky hotel in Plaza Catyluna.

Not being very hungry (and since we had left overs from Gopal), we stopped for a small bite at Vegetalia. We had a delicious seitan kebab.


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  1. Noam replied:

    Showing all this delicious food that I can’t taste, well, that’s just mean!

  2. Samantha Star replied:

    so is there a way you can send/bring yum yum snacks back with you?

  3. Ryan replied:

    Igualdad Animal!

  4. ¡Luego España! « ¡No Jamón, Por Favor! replied:

    […] Susanne’s all time favorites was Yerba Buena in Madrid. We both loved Organic in Barcelona but Gopal in Barcelona takes the (vegan chocolate) cake for number […]

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