July 25-A Whole Lotta Barcelona

Last night, Susanne and I went to a god-awful night club, Razzmatazz. We thought it would be fun because it is gigantic and there are several different floors with different music. But ew. The place was gross and sweaty and full of 20 year olds making out. No thanks. We insisted on getting our money’s worth (and attempting to burn the calories we ate from Gopal) so we stayed and tried to find a reasonable corner to dance in.

lookin’ happy, feelin’ grossed out and sweaty

In the morning, we went on a walk through the Barri Gotic area. The neighborhood houses Barcelona’s gothic and medieval architecture-a huge change from the modernista Barcelona we have been experiencing.

Today, we had lunch at Juicy Jones, an all vegan restaurant with an extensive juice bar that also serves organic beer. It was so delicious and everyone working there was incredibly friendly. The vegan restaurants in Barcelona are awesome and full of awesome people! And the prices are great and you get a ton of food!

Thali Plate

Roasted red pepper, olive tapenade salad

Roasted tofu tapas

Juicy Jones is beautifully decorated. There is so much to look at.

After lunch we headed for La Rambla, a long street in Barcelona with a lot of shops and street vendors and famous for their street performers:

Love the neon “Natural” sign at this Juice Joint

After walking for a bit we relaxed in the beautiful Placa Catalunya:

We went back to Gopal to get some take away food for a picnic at the beach tomorrow. This time my camera worked so we could take a picture of their glorious chocolate cake!

Happy at Gopal!


July 25, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Susan Bain replied:

    I love that picture of you and Suzanne. I am glad you two made it out of that night club unharmed!! Are you headed home tomorrow?

  2. Samantha Star replied:

    mmm vegan chocolate cake!

  3. Ryan replied:

    The pigeon pic is beautiful!

    • Susan Bain replied:

      I love the pigeon picture too.

  4. ¡Luego España! « ¡No Jamón, Por Favor! replied:

    […] of my all time favorite restaurants was Kimpira in Valencia and Juicy Jones in Barcelona. One of Susanne’s all time favorites was Yerba Buena in Madrid. We both […]

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