July 28-We Say Adios to Barcelona, and Barcelona Says Adios to Bullfighting

Two nights ago, Susanne and I stopped by La Almatea for dinner. We saw the Happy Cow listing and noticed that the  vegetarian restaurant was listed in a couple guide books so we thought it must be good. We checked the menu upon arriving and were not impressed–plus no vino. We decided to head back to Juicy Jones, for a meal we knew we would love for almost half the price. Ha. I have a nagging feeling that I should try to check out as many restaurants as possible, but the places we have checked out  in Barcelona and so good we feel the need to go back!

Roasted red pepper and olive tapenade tapas

OUR LAST DAY IN SPAIN! Yesterday we went to the Museu Picasso. The Museu Picasso lacks the more popular cubist pieces, but the museum is definitely worth a visit. The museum provides light on how vast the artists range is. Susanne, not being previously aware of this body of work, really enjoyed Picasso’s avant-garde paintings. After just visiting the Prado, and seeing Valasquez’ Las Meninas, I thought it was really fun to see Picasso’s interpretations of the piece.

Sabortes and Pin-up Girl

Las Meninas After Valasquez

La Diseuse

The Pigeons

I had to stop myself from buying this.

I thought I might not like this museum because of the lack of cubism, but this was one of my favorite collections of Picasso. Watching the artist progress in skill and throughout history was muy interesante.

In the evening, we bid Barcelona adieu with a final flamenco show. We presumed flamenco in Catalonia would be a little tourist-y as flamenco is an Andalusian thing. The audience was definitely full of tourists, however the dancer was incredible and the venue was still nice and small.

We then went to dinner at Organic (yes–again!). Afterwards, we went for one last stroll down La Rambla. So sad to leave, but it was a perfect good bye to Catalonia.

Today, Catalonia voted to ban bullfighting. ¡Viva Catalonia! I am so excited–two very happy goodbyes!


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  1. Jeska replied:

    haahh i love the title of that book! how cute

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