July 26-More food and beach

Last night, Stephanie and I ate at Organic, and had a wonderful surprise at this amazing vegetarian restaurant. Almost the entire menu is vegan. Stephanie and I shared two dishes, a tapas plate and a seitan wok, both were incredible. The seitan was without a doubt the best of our trip; very soft and juicy! I would rank it on par with seitan you might find in a top New York restaurant!

Seitan Wok. Not asian, but so delicious.

Tapas Platter: Battered fried vegetables, delicious hummus, avocado and tomato salad, rissoto, fritter/veggie patty thing, and a garden salad!

We spent our second to last day lounging on Barcelonetta beach and brought sandwiches from Gopal. A hot sunny day but very relaxing!


July 26, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Ryan replied:

    That beach pic of you is smokin!

  2. Noam replied:

    It all… looks… so… good!

  3. ¡Luego España! « ¡No Jamón, Por Favor! replied:

    […] in Barcelona. One of Susanne’s all time favorites was Yerba Buena in Madrid. We both loved Organic in Barcelona but Gopal in Barcelona takes the (vegan chocolate) cake for number […]

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