* Restaurants We Blogged About (and ones we wished we could have):


Vida La Vida ****

Yerba Buena *****

Maoz ****

El Granero de Lavapies ***

El Resturante Vegetariano ***

The Vegan Store (VEGAN) *****

La Isla de Tesoro ****


El Piano 1 2 (VEGAN) *****

Gellateria Artigianale (Plaza Trinidad) ****

Racies ****


Kimpira (VEGAN) *****

Las Tastaolletes ****


Acro Iris ***

Cat Bar (VEGAN) *****

Gelaati! *****

Gopal (VEGAN) *****

Vegetalia ****

Juicy Jones (VEGAN) *****

Organic *****

We wish we could have checked out:

Al Natural in Madrid

El Vergel in Madrid

Ana Eva in Valencia

Loving Hut in Valencia (looks amazing! VEGAN)

Espaisvisor in Valencia

The Nature in Valencia

Biocenter in Barcelona

Ratings are based on a 5 star system, 5 being the highest. We based our ratings on how vegan friendly restaurants were, how great the food was, and how great the dining experience was.


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  1. ¡Luego España! « ¡No Jamón, Por Favor! (A Vegan Adventure in Spain) replied:

    […] We have list for all the vegetarian and vegan restaurants we went to here. […]

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